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I Love Sports!

"But wait", you might say, "I thought this was a gardening blog" and you would be right. The sports I am referring to are horticultural sports. Those serendipitous little treats that occur rarely enough to feel magical ~ their sighting frequency falling somewhere between rainbows and unicorns.

Sports, or bud sports, are defined as an abrupt, naturally occurring genetic change resulting in a branch, blossom or shoot that differs in appearance from the rest of the plant. A new plant derived by propagation from such a genetically changed shoot can also be called a sport.

I am thrilled to realize that I have several roses in my garden that produce sports with statistically unlikely regularity. They are Knockout roses in "Blushing", a beautiful, gentle pink. Three of my fourteen shrubs bear sports that range from solid red blooms, to pink blooms with only one red petal, to pink blooms with one or more petals striped with red.

I love these so much, in part, because they remind me of the "Peppermint" flowering peach trees I remember growing up which had pale pink and deep magenta blooms on a single tree, and some blossoms that were striped! I was mesmerized by them as a child. I'm still looking for one of those for my garden.

In the meantime, when I go outside and peruse my roses, one of the delights I may find each day is a sassy little red rose on a pale pink rose bush, twinkling with independence and living out loud.

That's how I want to be!


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